The Downtown Community Improvement District of Columbia, Missouri

Facts & Figures

Columbia Demographics

“I like the proximity of things….Literally the only time I get in my car and drive is to get groceries.”

District Resident 

The District boasts a diverse population of professionals, visitors, faculty, students, makers, and artists. We have over 23,472 workers and 18,706 residents within a one mile radius, all traveling into The District to work, dine and shop. Three hospitals, two newspapers, city and county governments, two private colleges and the state’s flagship university all call downtown home.

The District is also home to a growing number of residents and in the next five to ten years we expect significant growth in the residential population as more high density, mixed use projects are developed. With more and more people seeing this is the place to be, we anticipate a growing population of young professionals, empty nesters, and creative workers.

Key Facts


  • District Workers: 7,139
  • Workers within 1 Mile: 23,472
  • City Population: 113,257
  • District Residents: 693
  • Residents within 1 Mile: 18,706
  • Average Household Income in Columbia: $62,979


  • Number of Colleges: 3
  • Total Student Enrollment: 38,281
  • Faculty/Staff: 13,416


  • Overnight Stays, Columbia: 1,183,000
  • Hotel Rooms, Columbia: 3847
  • Convention/Exhibit Attendees: 191,000/ yr
  • Shoppers From Over 60 Miles: 100,000+
  • Festival Attendees Daily Dining Dollars: $80.92
  • Festival Attendees Daily Lodging Dollars: $104.50
  • Festival Attendees Daily Shopping Dollars: $164.87

Pedestrian Counts

Counts taken on the corner of Ninth & Broadway

  • Saturday, 10:00-11:00 am: 2340
  • Saturday, 8:00-9:00 pm: 3288
  • Monday, 12:00-1:00 pm: 1800

Traffic Counts

24-hr weekday counts: 2013

  • South Providence: 24,587
  • North Providence: 33,015
  • Ash: 10,099
  • Broadway & 4th: 17,823
  • Broadway & 8th: 8,756
  • Broadway & 9th: 16,959

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Consumer Profiles
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