The Downtown Community Improvement District of Columbia, Missouri


“The nation is in a recession but I can see 5 construction cranes from my office window.”

Caller to the District Offices

A successful downtown can’t be measured simply by the number of construction projects or the increase in commercial space. Although development—particularly infill development—is key to creating an exciting and vital central city, it’s also important to see this as a means to improve quality of life. From historic preservation to bike-friendly infrastructure to sidewalk cafes, the goal is a place people want to be.

One top indicator of the health of our central city is property values. Our office has been tracking assessed valuations for nearly 25 years and has seen a steady increase in value, even as the nation’s economy has experienced a few bumps in the road. Both the push for historic renovation in the mid-2000’s and the recent push for infill development have kept property values strong, despite some slowdowns in the construction industry nationwide and here in Columbia.

New construction saw a steady increase beginning in 2009 and in 2010, residential construction saw a sharp uptick as a long unmet demand for downtown living began to be realized. Still, acreage in the CID is limited—colleges mark three of our boundaries—so we foresee a much needed move to higher density, mixed-use development. 

Development Studies

Avenue of the Columns Project.
A plan for development and beautification of Eighth Street.

Helping Urban Beautification (HUB) Plan.
Our comprehensive plan to beautify the public space.

Proposed Broadway Improvements.
An expanded plan for beautifying the private and public spaces along Broadway.

Facade Repair Recommendations
Now that the canopies are gone, here’s help and advice for fixing up your facade.

Downtown Columbia Campus/City Opportunity Study
Created by Sasaki and Associates, this plan provides a vision for the area south of Cherry Street.

Downtown Columbia Planning Charrette.
Development and beautification plan for the North Village Arts District and the intersection of Broadway & Providence.