The Downtown Community Improvement District of Columbia, Missouri

One Word Project

Oct 24–Dec6
Providence and broadway
Columbia, Missouri 65201

The Gateway Plaza Project is part of the Flat Branch Park expansion at the corner of Broadway and Providence Road. The plaza is being built to celebrate the last 200 years of Columbia’s history and to recognize the potential of the next 200 years. The plaza will feature an iconic Columbia sculpture, which uses an oversized globe for the letter “O”. The globe will be covered with historically significant names, dates, and events, as well as words that describe Columbia.

See rendering here

We want to hear from you! This is your chance to weigh in on the descriptions of our town that will be on the “O”. Give us your favorite “one word” (or short phrase), vote for your favorite historical character or event, and/or express your hopes for the future.

Submit your vote by December 6, 2019
Fill out the back of this flyer and return it to The District Offices, 11 S 10th St,
Convention & Visitors Bureau, 300 S Providence,
or to City Hall, 701 E Broadway
Submit online:
Email your “One Word” to [email protected]
Take a selfie with #WhatsYourWord