The Downtown Community Improvement District of Columbia, Missouri

Apply for the Board or a Committee


Contact The District Office at (573) 442-6816 for information.

The Downtown Community Improvement District (CID) Board is a political subdivision of the City of Columbia, governed by a board of between 9 and 15 individuals. A slate of nominees for the board will be submitted by a Downtown CID nominating committee to the Mayor who, in consultation with the City Council, shall either appoint the board or return the slate to the nominating committee for further consideration. The terms of office shall be three years.

Each director on the Downtown CID Board must, during his or her entire term, be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Either an owner of real property or of a business operating within the district OR a registered voter residing within the district.

The board should also strive for diverse representation equitably representing the following:

  •  Large and small property ownership
  •  Diverse business types and sizes (service, retail, restaurant, etc.)
  •  Geographic areas served
  •  Resident participation

The board will be responsible for:

  •  Developing and recommending an annual CID budget and work plan
  •  Overseeing revenue and administration of CID funds
  •  Monitoring performance and provision of CID services
  •  Ensuring assessments are being utilized in accordance with the legislative intent of the CID
  •  Supervising the management of CID-financed programs
  •  Supervising and evaluating staff

The Community Improvement District will have three separate committees. Not all committee members are required to be CID Board members so regular members are encouraged to apply for committees that meet their particular interests.

The committees are:

Economic Development and Solid Waste Committee
This committee will assist in creating materials and programs that help retain, recruit and incubate new businesses in The District. Members should have expertise in the area or an affinity for the subject matter.

Operations Committee
This committee will address landscaping, maintenance, lighting, cleanliness, safety and security issues within The District. Members should have expertise in the area or an affinity for the subject matter.

Marketing Committee
This committee will offer creative input into the development of new marketing strategies, tactics and tools; assist in the development and organizing of events and promotions; and help coordinate the overall marketing message for The District. Members should have expertise in the area or an affinity for the subject matter.

Gateways Committee

This committee will assist in the Gateways Project capital campaign and master plan implementation.