The Downtown Community Improvement District of Columbia, Missouri

CID Five-Year Plan


  1. Purposes. The purposes of the District are to:
    1. Form and govern the District in accordance with the Act and the revised statutes of the State of Missouri;
    2. Provide or cause to be provided, for the benefit of the District, certain improvements and services described below (the CID Projects);
    3. Obtain financing for the costs, expenditures, and undertakings of the District;
    4. To levy and collect the authorized funding mechanisms authorized by the Act and approved of in this Petition and by the qualified voters as necessary in order to provide a source of repayment for CID Obligations issued to finance the CID Projects;
    5. To complete the tasks stated in the Petition; and
    6. Such other purposes as are authorized by the Act.
  2. Operations and Governance. The operations and governance of the District shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    1. Adopting bylaws, passing resolutions, and otherwise governing the District in the manner required by the Act and the revised statutes of the State of Missouri;
    2. Developing funding sources, including the levying of the special assessments necessary in order to pay for the required expenses, costs and expenses of the District in a manner authorized by the Act;
    3. Providing such accountings, reports and communications as are required by the Act;
    4. Employing or contracting for necessary agents, attorneys, engineers, appraisers, construction managers, environmental inspectors and experts of various types and descriptions in order to obtain competent plans and contracts for the construction of the CID Projects as described in this Petition;
    5. Arranging for the construction of the CID Projects in accordance with approved plans for same;
    6. Complying with the terms and conditions of the ordinance of the City authorizing the creation of the District; and
    7. Providing such other services as are authorized by the Act.
  3. Improvements and Services. The improvements to be constructed by the District and the services to be provided by the District may include, but not be limited to, the following:
    1. Enhance the Downtown Environment
      1. Capital Improvements
        1. Streetscape enhancements such as landscaping, flowers, street furniture and lighting
        2. Cosmetic improvements such as seasonal banners and decorations
      2. Enhanced Cleaning and Maintenance
        1. Increased sidewalk cleaning
        2. Enhanced maintenance and cleaning of alleys and parking garages
        3. Enhanced services that would not be expected from the City, such as power washing
      3. Increased Safety
        1. Partnering with the Columbia Police Department to increase or improve safety patrols
        2. Deploying downtown ambassadors
        3. Providing additional equipment for safety patrols
    2. Enhance the Downtown Economy
      1. Downtown Economic Development Programs
        1. Business recruitment and retention initiatives to broaden and diversify downtown’s small business base
        2. Market research to understand both consumer and investor opportunities for downtown
        3. Create investor marketing information to educate entrepreneurs on downtown opportunities
      2. Marketing and Events
        1. Consumer marketing to reinforce “The District” brand and to generate foot traffic and drive sales
        2. Enhancement and expansion of “The District” website
        3. Holiday promotions, programs and events
        4. Merchant promotions and direct merchant assistance, such as merchandising and assistance to help existing businesses better market their products
        5. Support of selective special events which leverage marketing efforts to attract customers and investors to downtown
        6. Public relations, including efforts to improve the regional image of downtown Columbia
      3. Communications and Advocacy
        1. Manage media relations to project a positive image
        2. Advocate to advance policies and attract additional resources that will improve downtown
        3. Develop communications tools to reach out to stakeholders and educate ratepayers

    The services and the improvements provided by the District are generally referred to herein as the “CID Project.” The services and improvements are of a public benefit nature.

  4. Budget. The Petitioners submit that the majority of the CID Projects are ongoing expenses that will be incurred each year the District is in existence. Attached hereto as Exhibit D-1 is a tentative and preliminary budget for the first five (5) years of the District. The Budget contemplates revenue sources authorized by the Act which will fund and fully pay for the cost of each of the line items contained within the Budget over a period of time of not to exceed twenty (20) years, and this, in turn, presumes the establishment of dependable revenue sources for the District. The Petitioners represent and believe that the projected special assessments for the properties located within the District and the revenues generated by the additional sales tax should be sufficient to provide a reliable funding source sufficient to cover the costs of the District as depicted on the Budget.

Download the full CID Petition.