The Downtown Community Improvement District of Columbia, Missouri

Avenue of the Columns


Flanked on each end by Columbia’s famous columns, the Avenue of the Columns is The District’s most promising project area. Home to numerous banks, university offices and government buildings, this section of Eighth Street is currently undergoing an exciting transformation. Property owners, with the help of the city, hired a design consultant to turn the Avenue of the Columns into an area that is vital, attractive and a sure draw for pedestrians.

Upgrades have begun on the corner of Eighth & Broadway with new sidewalk treatments, seating areas, and other decorative elements. In addition, MU has reworked the historic gateway from Eighth Street, creating a more attractive pedestrian pathway onto campus. Finally, the new Courthouse Plaza has been redsigned to create a strong visual connection between the Plaza and the street itself.

This is a key area for both residential and mixed-use developments. Much of the street is underutilized and the opportunity exists for infill projects that will offer needed residential space—and at least one project is in the works. As the residential base grows, the demand for businesses that focus on furniture, home accessories, specialty groceries, and basic services will grow as well.