The Downtown Community Improvement District of Columbia, Missouri

Flat Branch


Once an old warehouse district with little more than an abandoned rail line, Flat Branch is quickly becoming The District’s most popular area. Flat Branch now offers everything from restaurants to recreation to residential. Anchored on each side by Flat Branch Pub & Brewing and The Candy Factory, this area has seen significant growth on the restaurant and office front.

The area is also becoming the center for several major attractions, such as downtown’s newest park at the trailhead of the MKT. Bicyclists and hikers can now take KATY Trail’s MKT Spur right into The District for a day of shopping and dining. Tourists will also be drawn to the historic Blind Boone Home just across Broadway, currently undergoing renovation. Space has been set aside by the University of Missouri and the City of Columbia for a possible museum district that would house the State Historical Society and perhaps some other MU museums. Some mixed-use residential developments are also being proposed for this area.

Priorities in Flat Branch include increasing the pedestrian connection between Flat Branch and the downtown core—including the addition of sidewalks in areas with absent or inadequate sidewalks and the creation of a landscaped median and pedestrian crossing at both Fifth & Broadway and Fourth & Broadway.