The Downtown Community Improvement District of Columbia, Missouri

The Strollway


The area centered around Broadway and Ninth was historically known as The Strollway, named because it was Columbia’s most popular promenade. Today, The Strollway blends tradition with the latest trends in food and fashion. Whether it’s shopping at locally owned gift stores and clothing boutiques on Broadway or  discovering the eclectic mix of selection of stores, restaurants, and coffee shops on Ninth, the Strollway is everyone’s first—but not last—stop in The District.

After the removal of the concrete canopies along Broadway, property owners began restoring façades and renovating unused second stories. In fact, this area compromises the majority of our National Historic District. The zero lot lines, active ground floors, and sidewalk cafes all contribute to an authentic and exciting urban space.

Priorities in this area include maintaining a strong retail presence on both Ninth and Broadway, continuing the beautification of Broadway (including decorative sidewalks, brick crosswalks, and street trees), and creating gateways to welcome visitors into The District.

Residential space is often located in the upper stories of historic buildings and a walk through Alley A will reveal outdoor patios and rooftop gardens. Most of the new residential development is located on the south end of Tenth Street, adjacent to the University of Missouri, while the north end is home to a mix of homes, some of which house working art studios.