The Downtown Community Improvement District of Columbia, Missouri

Bike Routes

Benefits of Biking

793851_10151974518030670_7893940661883721252_o Biking is a quick and fun way to get to The District without having to worry about traffic or finding a parking place. Whether you’re a regular work commuter or simply biking in on a Saturday for lunch, we can help you find the safest route with the fewest hills for your trip. Bikes are always welcome downtown but for the sake of our pedestrians, just remember to walk your bikes on the sidewalks.

Bike Routes

The City of Columbia Bike Map shows routes throughout the city, including ones with low to moderate vehicular traffic.

If you’re heading into The District, we recommend:

  • The MKT Trail: It’s a car-free route that’s your most scenic choice if you’re traveling in from the southwest.
  • Bike Boulevard: If you’re traveling in from the east, the Bike Boulevard runs from Stephens Lake Park, through the Stephens campus, onto the Wabash Bus Station on Tenth.
  • Rogers/Ash: We have any number of roads in The District marked with sharrows to encourage biking. Both Ash and Rogers are great options for east/west riders.

Bike Parking

The District sports over 150 bike racks plus a bike corral on South Ninth and another in the North Village Arts District. The city also offers a Bike Rack Cost-Share Program for businesses interested in providing public bike racks of their own.

Bikes on Buses

All Columbia Transit buses have bike racks on the front so your bike becomes a great last mile option. Not only can you bike to the closest bus stop, you’ll have some sweet fenders to add some kick to your lunchtime errands. Loading and unloading your bike is easy and if you’ve got a collapsible bike, you’re welcome to bring it on board with you.

Bike Rentals

With Columbia’s extensive trail system and the MKT Trail leading right into The District, there are many places to rent mountain, road, or city bikes in town. For rentals in The District, try Cyclextreme—they’re a short block from the trailhead.